Sunday, March 14, 2010

ShowMeYourFresh: Alexander McQueen Fall 2010

It goes without saying that Alexander Mcqueen was gone too soon and with this, his final collection we realize that even more. Each piece is a work of art, as he was inspired by the art of the Dark Ages. He uses techniques and fabrics that would normally be used on huge gowns and made them chic on short dresses. It's clothing I like to think a young queen would wear, if we had young queens.
As with all of Mcqueens showings the shoes are the epitome of freshness. OTK boots and short booties are stacked and dressed/trimmed in gold. Perfectly matched to this collection yes, but also can be worn with other less embellished looks. The label genius can often times be given too easily, but in this case it fits perfectly.

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