Sunday, March 28, 2010

ShoeGame: Fendi Cinderella Runway Platform Sandals

Where's that fairy godmother when you need her! Making dope shoes maybe?
Clearly the Lucite heel is not just for dancers anymore. Inspired by the soles of strippers, these shoes are stacked to the sky with couture flavor.
The Cinderella Runway Platform by Fendi are so sexy and the height creates a long stem for 5'2' girls like myself. The contrast of the black chiffon straps against the clear platform takes the shoe from the pole to posh. I like that only the platform is clear, instead of the entire heel. It makes the shoe look classy.
Speaking of classy, peep the small gold Fendi logo in the back. It's all in the details!
Retail $1140

1 comment:

  1. i'm 5'2 as know us petite women love the stilettos! the higher the better! love if i could just scrape up $1000 more dollars!! or a fairy god mother ;)