Tuesday, February 2, 2010

TopBagTuesday: Gucci Belt Bag

Tiny waists rejoice, the belt bag is back!
It seems as if every few years the belt bag makes a comeback. We all remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore her Gucci belt bag with the two pockets on Sex and The City and the fashion frenzy that ensued. I still have mine because a good fashionista never throws anything away!But this trend predates the hit HBO series, In the 80s everyone and their mama had a belt bag.
You remember them, the most popular one was the black leather and if you were really fresh you had the black pebbled leather.
Gucci has come back with a new version, this one is smaller and can be worn on the waist or shoulder. Perfect for those summer nights out with the girls or date nights with your boo. Try it with a jumper or jeans and a cropped top. It's practical fashion everyone can rock no matter what style you favor. You're hands free and carefree with a haute waist bag! Retail on this one is $395.

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