Saturday, February 6, 2010

ShowMeYourFresh: Moschino Pre-Fall 2010

The Moschino belt is baaaaaack!!!

It's back to the future babes and I'm Martina McFly. Moschino has brought back the classics for Pre-Fall 2010 and I'm loving it! They are revisiting a time when style was all about opulence. The hair was bigger and so were the wallets. This collection features gold accessories galore, and my favorite piece the Moschino letter belt is back once more. Of course I am kicking myself for not keeping mine, but I will be on that wait list for its return.
Moschino knows that bigger is always better. Big necklaces and earrings make a statement, they say look at me and sometimes they can overpower a look but not here. They enhance the pieces, I especially love the red dress with the large gold necklace. They even take something as simple as a poncho and by a down version it's instant luxe.

I love Moschino for this collection! Bravo!

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