Sunday, January 17, 2010

GetFreshTips: Nautically Nice!

I'm seeing stripes.....
It's okay because your favorite designer is seeing them too and adding them to their collections for spring. The nautical look is more popular now than ever. Sweaters, dresses and even bathing suits are getting in on the fun.
And it's not just your typical blue and white horizontal stripes. These sexy stripes are in all colors, going vertical and diagonal, or in the ultimate fashion trifecta a combination of all three lines are being displayed in dresses and tops. An off center pocket here or an asymmetrical hem there, giving this look, which is not new, a refreshing new life.
I know, I know, some people think stripes and immediately dismiss the trend as not for them. Yes, stripes can make you look larger if not worn correctly and unless you're Kate Moss that striped tube dress may not be for you.
Keep to theme, striped shirt and dark bottom. Whether it's pants or a skirt this is classic for this look. If you want to add a striped top and are afraid of adding volume try it with a blazer or cardigan. You're still wearing the trend just in your own way, which is what fashion is all about. Find that perfect piece and it will be anchor's away! (I couldn't resist)

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  1. of course I have the juicy military cardi! i paired it with a v-neck white tee, denim leggings and thigh high suede boots....i'm obsessed!