Wednesday, December 16, 2009

InstantVintage: Versace Shades

I reminisce on a time when we stopped throwing our guns and started getting fly. When we gave up our Polo rugbys for Moschino Chic. When Gianni Versace became a household name. The Notorious B.I.G led the way, with his Kangol to the side and his Coogi sweaters matching his butter leathers, he gave us hip-hop hauteness. With our champagne flutes waving in the air and Big Poppa on repeat, we began to see the world thru jet black Versace lenses.
Black with the gold Medusa on the sides these glasses became BIG's signature. If you were like me you had to have these, so there I was saving my allowance for my first pair of designer shades. Lucky to find a pair at Century21 (My N.Y. peeps know about Century) on sale. I think of those Versace shades fondly and if I find a vintage pair they are as good as mine!

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