Tuesday, December 1, 2009

GetFreshTips: Let's Do Brooch!

Brooches are back and in a big way. No longer an accessory strictly for the older set a dope brooch can reinvent an outfit. The bigger the brooch the better, you want it to be noticed. You can find one almost anywhere and at many different price points. Try vintage shops too where you can often find estate pieces that are one of a kind.
You can rock it the traditional way, pinning it to your cardigan. You can also be creative and pin one to your hat! This look is my favorite, it breathes life into a hat you may already own. Also try a brooch on your scarf or coat. It's not just a winter piece either, you can rock it on a vintage rock tee or blazer. There is no wrong way to rock this look.
Haute! xoxo

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