Monday, November 23, 2009

ProfileFresh: Stylist Surraya Starr

We're Living Our Dreams!

Stylist Surraya Starr is proof that hard work and dedication equal success. Born and raised in NYC she learned early on that if something is your passion you have to go after it 110 percent.
"No matter how many people tell you that you can't do it, how many hurdles you have to jump, how many times your pockets are empty, if you want it you can get it."

Blessed with the ability too work with many different styles and born with a key fashion sense Surraya stays on the cusp of what's hip while staying true to her own style aesthetic. Trained by mentors art director Adrienne Weinfeldberg and photographer Michael Creagh she is poised to take over the industry.

From around the way chic to boho glam to high fashion couture Surraya is able to convey whatever message is needed for a particular shoot. Not only making the model look fabulous but also showcasing the clothing beautifully.

Knowing her on a personal level I can say you will NEVER meet
a nicer person. She is so professional and everyone who meets her falls in love instantly. The girl's got fierce style and she's focused! "I mean, it's simple whatever you are good at and whatever you want to do in life you have to go after it, or you will feel empty like there is something missing" Nothing missing here Surraya is truly a starr. xoxo

*Surrays Starr is available for freelance work and personal styling. Contact:

Special thanks to Ari Cohen and Photographer Tye Martin

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