Friday, November 13, 2009

GetFRESHTIPS: Keepin' It Tights!

Colored tights are not just for kiddies anymore. They can take an outfit from Flat to Fresh in no time. The look for fall is colored or patterned tights with sandals, that's right those cute platform sandals that you bought for summer have a new chic life this season. Sweaterdresses, pencil skirts, harem pants ready to be rocked with this trend.
Afraid to try it with sandals, how about booties or better yet peep toe booties! (a fav of mine).
Also this is not an expensive addition to your wardrobe, it can even give an outfit you already own a new life.
Make sure that the tights are somewhat thick, it's cold out there babes and freezing is not fresh. xoxo

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