Sunday, October 25, 2009

ProfileFresh: KissandMakeup Artistry

The ablility to do makeup is an art and celebrity makeup artist Natasha Jenkins paints a fierce canvas. Models, celebs and photographers can all count on her to deliver that much needed freshness. Her ability to work in all styles is what makes her so dope. Need something for a beautiful photo shoot (check) Need something edgy (check) Need something for Halloween, she's got it covered baby.

Thru her company KissandMakeup Artistry Natasha brings out the best in all of her clients. Having worked with such artists as Chrisette Michelle, Juelz Santana, and 50 Cent she is definetly cementing herself as the go to makeup artist within the entertainment industry. With an ever growing client list KissandMakeup Artistry is poised to take over. The gift is in her hands and it shows. Interested in her services? Contact her at Haute2Def!!!!!

PS-Later this week we will feature KissandMakeup Artistry's Halloween Makeup!!!!!!


  1. I just admire this girl's work. I've actually been to one of the events, so well put together and the makeup was oh so beautiful. I have yet seen a young inspring makeup artist such as Tash with untold potential...she definately has a bright future ahead of her!

  2. Keep beating faces Tash!!!

  3. Although being a makeup artist requires one to be innovative and/or precise and creative there is one specific quality that Tasha has that many do NOT. I know Tasha personally and I can honestly say that the one characteristic that will carry her further than the rest and distinguish her company from others is her extreme personal humility! Humility is about maintaing pride about who we are our achievements and our worth but without arrogance. She easy to work with and has proved to be a great resource!

  4. Without even formally knowing her, you can sense her ability to get the job done. Her work speaks for itself, She works hard at it and she remains humble. Natasha is a true talent in her field, and is on track for an even greater overflow of success with the incoming year. KissandMakeup....get to know the name! she's hot, and she's nice with it. NO GAME!

    J3Muzik ~

  5. WOw Can i say talented? it takes more than creativity to enhance beauty it takes ambition and thats what i see in this womens work is how naturally her talent can compliment a womens face i see more comming in the future for you im so proud of what you've accomplished this is something light ladies and gentle..theres more you must see! anybody can pick up a makeup brush and claim they can do makeup but only a true artist can really get the job done I love your worj im cheering for KISSANDMAKEUP OF TASH